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Plaquemines Parish Braces for Coronavirus

There are now 8 confirmed cases of the coronavirus present in Plaquemines Parish. The first of which originating at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Belle Chasse on March 18th. Today, Parish officials, who had already been compliant with state suggestions regarding public health and safety, have taken additional steps to curtail the spread of the virus.

All Plaquemines Public Libraries and offices have announced their closure citing this being an “unprecedented event”, urging people to remain cautious and vigilant in the meantime. Local businesses have also switched over to take-out menus with slight changes in scheduling as dine-in restaurants have been most effected.

Plaquemines Parish schools have also taken precautions by ending its meal program earlier today citing safety concerns in light of a shortage of protective gear. Such as gloves and masks which are known to offer some protection against the spread. The ferry at Point a la Hache will also be closing on March 24th until further notice.

Christon Le'John

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